Mushroom Madness

Mushroom Madness

A Hobits home nessteled into a vinatge oversized tea garden. This home happens to belomg to Marvin. A Hobbit that dwells deep into the mushroom forest. Hobbits tyically dwell underground but this little guy nesstled his home here in his beautiful tea garden. When Marvin isnt out gurding his magical muschrooms deep into the evergreen froest, he spends his days here. He enjoys napping and tending to his mystical garden. This garden is filled with not only Marvins magic but beautiful hearty succulents!

  • care instruction

    Succulents love a sunny room. We also love to dry out. Less water is better. We do best watering with a spray bottle! Only a few squirts once a week when soil is dry.

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65 E Market Street

 Corning, NY 14830


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